Speedy - a speed reading app for Android

Speedy is a minimalist speed reading app for Android. Unlike apps that use pre-defined text for exercises, Speedy lets you read your own content, faster. And it gets out of your way while you read it.


In Speedy, you create articles that you would like to read, usually by copying and pasting the content from your browser, Pocket, Instapaper etc. Speedy keeps track of where you're up to, so you can pause and come back later, or switch between articles.


You can increase your reading speed as you get comfortable. You can also choose how many words are displayed at once. Not only is it often easier to read faster with multiple words, but it teaches you to read sentances in blocks of words, greatly increasing your speed.

Inspired by Spritz, Speedy now has an intelligent alignment option that optimises the position of the word on the screen to aid recognition. The most recent version also introduced a dark theme for reduced eye strain, and the option to provide sentance context when paused.

Speedy is available in the Google Play Store.