Hi - I'm Ben

I'm an Australian software engineer, amateur photographer, audio geek, closet economist and dad to 4 kids.

I started programming in high school by making a turtle dance around the screen. I studied at ANU where they taught me useful stuff like Modula-2 & Miranda as part of my B IT. I also managed to get a B Com in Finance and Economics. Professionally, I've programmed in C#, Javascript, PL/SQL, Java, Flex, HTML and a bunch of other languages I'd rather forget about.

I am a senior software engineer at eWater, an environmental not-for-profit. I work on hydrolocial modelling applicaitons, primarily Source, which is used to managed the Murray-Darling basin. Previously I've worked on continuous integration software, the Australian Census and other ABS projects. Here's a list of some of the more interesting things that I've built.

Outside of work, I usually spend my time taking photos, hacking on my open source side projects, playing with my kids, geeking out, and occasionally blogging.

You can contact me at ben@benrhughes.com or on 04 0403 4843.


  • I released version 3.0 of todotxt.net
  • I released Speedy, a speed reading app for Android
  • I started reviewing Epictetus' The Enchiridion in detail
  • I released crashdown, a lightweight, markdown based web publishing engine
  • I released wxr.net, a wordpress export library for .net
  • more...


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